Al-Gharbiah Cement Factory – Rabigh Plant

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Al-Gharbiah Cement Factory – Rabigh Plant

The factory was cared for upgrading of the production stage by organizers of the factory to become as good as the international factories in this field to be best for Saudi National industry.

The factory started production in 1998 as the first factory for white cement in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The production lines were established for clinker material and cement on the area of 1,000,000m2 at the largest part of  Farasan Mountain which is rich of pure marble.

Due to the quick development which was achieved by building sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the factory has established new production lines to produce 1,000,000 tons/year.

AL-GHARBIAH CEMENT FACTORY has trained and qualified youths to find good jobs in this field. Most of them outperformed than different nationalities all that created competitions that reflected in stander of performance, work and the quality of the productions.

AL-GHARBIAH CEMENT FACTORY have assured the quality of its products which is one of its highest priorities by issuing certificates of quality to its customers on a continuous basis.

And under the development of the building sector and the fast growing  witnessed by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the increase of the demand on white and grey cement and other types of cement to fulfill all the needs of The Saudi Arabian Market in that field, The Management of AL-GHARBIAH CEMENT FACTORY have started preparations of the technical and economical studies to increase the capability of production of our Factory and developing it with the cooperation of international companies specialized in that field and based on the highest standards of international quality, which affect positively on our Motherland Economic Situation, and providing to the consumer a local product with the highest International Specified Standards.

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Address Rabigh District - Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah Road - ALMOSAMAH Exit 24